You are able to enter different types of content into your system via the Admin Centre, often using a simple Word-style interface to format your text.

There are 3 main types of content you can enter to build up a page's content, create an engaging look and add functionality to it:

  1. Your main website pages starting with your home page and then other pages which may contain a descriptions of your business and services, terms of use, contact page and so on.

  2. ‘Apps’ which can be added to your page to give it more functionality, for example to display testimonials which are stored in the database, forms for data capture, image galleries, news stories, blog items and so on. If you are running an ecommerce site these apps will let you display elements such as a shopping cart, product categories or list of products, delivery estimator, product filters and so on. These apps help bring your pages to life.

  3. Content Sliders which show large banner images at the top of your pages to promote products or services, advertise reasons to buy from you and so on.

SEO Tags - Automatically Generated Content

SEO Tags provide a powerful way to generate new "virtual" pages inside search engine indexes and generate more traffic which converts well. 

Over time the system automatically generates footer tags with the top 50 most relevant search terms used to find your site by visitors typing into search engines. These tags then create virtual pages inside search engine indexes with a wider spread of keywords than you will normally achieve. When people click on those pages in search engine results, the system will dynamically generate a relevant page displaying your products and content. This has been proven to add 20% to sales revenues totals.

Tags are also automatically generated on product pages if you have chosen to turn them on in Site Setup.

You can manage your SEO tags and blacklist words you do not want to appear in them.

User Generated Content

Users can add their own content to the site via participating in blogs and testimonials where permitted and leaving product reviews.